26th PPA Annual Conference Presentations

To access the presentations please click on the links:

  • CEO’s Retreat
  1. The World Bank – “Powered by Women – The Benefits of Diversity” by Ms. Teresa Grove
  2. The World Bank – “Sustainable Energy Industry Development Project: Resource Mapping” by Ms. Katherine Baker
  3. The World Bank – “Sustainable Energy Industry Development Project Progress Presentation” by Ms. Katherine Baker
  • Board of Director’s Workshop
  1. The World Bank – “Grid Connected PV Overview” by Dr. Herb Wade
  2. The World Bank – “Small Roof-Top Solar Metering and Payment” by Dr. Herb Wade
  3. The World Bank – “Avoiding Renewable Energy Scams” by Dr. Herb Wade
  4. The World Bank – “Adding Energy Storage to the Grid” by Dr. Herb Wade
  • Development Partners
  1. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) – “Economic Operation and Maintenance of Hybrid Power Generation System” by Mr Tadayuki Ogawa & Mr. Kenji Okamura
  2. South Pacific Community (SPC) – The Outcome of the 3rd Pacific Regional Energy and Transport Ministers Meeting and its implications of “Affordable Electricity for All” by Mr. Rupeni Mario
  3. Global Sustainable Energy Partnership (GSEP) – “Grid Connected Renewable Energies Workshop” by Mr. Toshikazu Ohasi
  4. Electric Power Corporation (EPC) – “EPC Renewable Energy Programme” by Mr. Tologata Tuimalealiifano Tile
  5. University of the South Pacific (USP) – “Renewables 2017 – REN 21 Global Status Report” by Dr. Atul Raturi
  6. Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) – “Conversion of Cooling Tower System into a Radiator System for both Niigata Engines” by Mr. Tito Cabunagan
  7. TESLA – “Tesla Powerpacks enable cost effective microgrids to accelerate the World’s transition to Sustainable Energy” by Mr. Anthony Stocken
  8. Vector Ltd – “Using of Energy Storage towards increased and affordable Electrification” by Mr. Shazad Ibnul
  9. S&C Electric Company – “Mixing the old with the new – Integrating systems energy storage and renewables with existing generation infrastructure to make electricity more affordable and reliable” by Mr. Richard Sosa
  10. Hydro Tasmania – “Rarotonga Renewable Energy Implementation Plan” by Mr. Ray Massie
  11. I S Systems Pty Limited – “Case Study: Low cost inter island DC Electric Power Transmission for Chuuk State” by Mr. Craig Harrison
  12. Solar Energy Partners Australia – “The practical application of solar power and battery storage in Pacific Island Countries” by Mr. Gregory Story
  13. Vortex Group Limited – “Modernisation of existing generation plant with PLC based control systems” by Mr. Aidan Priestly
  14. Solomon Power – “Solar-Hybrid Mini Grid System – Recently Commissioned solar hybrid mini grid system for two provinces” by Mr. Pradip Verma
  15. Itron Australasia Pty Ltd – “Reducing Energy Costs with Active Grid” by Mr. Tim Wolf
  16. Arthur D. Riley & Co. Ltd – “Halo Solid Ring Main Unit” by Mr. Karl Henry
  17. ComAp Ltd – “Cloud Cameras, Saving Fuel and Cost” by Mr. Richard Bird
  18. Electra Therm – “Waste Heat to Power. The base load renewable you already have” by Mr. Robert Emrich
  19. Vortex Group Ltd – “How 3D scanning technology can benefit refurbishment projects” by Mr. James Watkins
  20. Indra Australia Pty Ltd. – “Technical and non-technical energy losses control: making electricity more affordable and accessible while reducing costs” by Mr. Giovanni Polizzi
  21. PLP Electropar – “Exploring the pitfalls of managing utilities assets without network standardization” by Mr. Ivan Heaner
  22. PLP Electropar – “Global trend towards having quality, health and safety and Environmental Management Systems in place and certified to assist all business” by Mr. Fa’amoe Malo Timo Alefaio
  23. Siemens Ltd – “Renewables and the role of Energy Storage & Digitalization in the transition away from a reliance on fossil based fuels” by Mr. Warner Priest