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Crowne Plaza Resort   


(All room rates are tax inclusive)

Accommodation Type: PPA Room Rates:
1 King Standard Mountain View $161USD
2 Double Standard Mountain view Balcony   $161USD
1 King Standard Ocean view $184USD 
2 Double Standard Ocean view $184USD
  • Rooms include breakfast for 2 people 
  • free Wi-Fi

To calculate the Average Nightly Rate, add the rates for each night of your stay and divide the total by the number of nights in your stay. The individual nightly rates can be found on the rate information and confirmation pages. Please note: Extending or reducing the number of nights in your stay will affect the Average Nightly Rate. You will be responsible for the rate that is determined by the actual number of nights in your stay.

Terms and Conditions
By booking, I certify that I have read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement and I have read and understand the Rate Description and Rate Rules for my reservation.

I am at least 18 years of age and at least one guest in my party will meet the minimum check-in age requirement for the hotel upon arrival.

*Minimum Check-In Age: 18

By joining IHG One Rewards, I certify that I have read and accept the IHG One Rewards Membership Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Statement and California Notice of Financial Incentive.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Cancelling your reservation before 6:00 PM (local hotel time) on Wednesday, 20 September 2023 will result in no charge. Cancelling your reservation between 6:00 PM (local hotel time) on 20 September 2023 and 6:00 PM (local hotel time) on 23 September 2023 will result in a charge for the first night per room to your credit card or other guaranteed payment method.

Description of Taxes and Additional Charges
Extra person fee: Applies from children 12 & over. Please add any child of 12 and above to the number of adults in the reservation. If you do not add a child of 12 and above to the number of adults in the reservation, an extra charge of 20USD+tax per night per child will be added to your bill at the hotel (breakfast not included). 15% per night not included in rate effective 23 September 2023 through 29 September 2023

Other charges that may apply
Some services may be charged separately during your stay. Check if it applies to you:

Outdoor self-parking space is available.

Payment Policies
Why do we require a payment card for internet reservations?

By securing your online reservation with a payment method, you are eligible for our Reservations Guarantee. If your reservation cannot be honoured, the host hotel will provide a room at, and transportation to, another convenient and comparable hotel, and pay for telephone calls to notify family of the lodging change. The host hotel will also pay the full cost of the first night’s lodging rate, plus tax. Any advance deposit will be refunded.

A credit or debit card must be presented upon check-in at the hotel.
Booking with a debit card?

Most IHG hotels and resorts place a hold on a debit card when it is presented at check-in. The hold amount varies depending on the rate type booked and can include the entire price of the stay, plus taxes, fees, and a deposit for incidental purchases. These holds are separate from, and in addition to, your billable charges. IHG hotels and resorts typically release the hold within 5 days of check-out once final payment has been received. Depending on your financial institution, funds may take up to 14 days or longer to be back in your account. InterContinental Hotels Group, its subsidiaries, affiliates, franchisees, and agents are not responsible or liable for the loss of use of these funds or any overdraft charges.

Rate is in the hotel’s base currency:
As exchange rates may fluctuate from the time a reservation is made until the actual stay, the confirmed rate is guaranteed in the hotel’s base currency.

Taxes and charges may fluctuate:
As taxes and additional charges may fluctuate from the time a reservation is made until the actual stay and during the actual stay, the Total Price is an estimate. Estimated price includes Room rate, Extra person charges, additional charges, Total tax, and Total hotel charges. Additional charges are hotel specific. Other hotel-specific charges may also apply. Check with hotel for details.

PPA 30th Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition
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Crowne Plaza Resort


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