Travel Summary

TRAVEL INFORMATION: Accommodation and Travel form and travel dates must be completed online for transportation to be arranged before your arrival in Saipan.

GROUND TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM ALL HOTELS TO CONFERENCE VENUES: Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC) will be providing free transportation to and from the hotel between the conference venues during the conference week.

GROUND TRANSFER FROM SAIPAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport is approximately 12.6km or 20 minutes’ drive to Crowne Plaza Resort. Shuttle services should be prearranged for transfers to and from the airport by the delegates with the hotels of their choices; delegates are to check with their respective hotels when making bookings as this is a charged service.

SAIPAN DRIVING LICENCE: The Northern Mariana Islands drives on the left and drivers from other countries should bring in their own license plus an international driving permit. Speed limits range from 25mph in built up areas to 45mph in rural areas.

Please contact Reena Suliana, PPA Secretariat on Tel: (679) 3306 022 or send an email to:   

  1. ABC Rent a Car and Ace Auto Glass

Chalan Monsignor Guerrero,

Saipan 96950

Tel: +1 670 234 1048

  1. Budget Rent Car

4PCF+V777, I Fadang

Saipan 96950

Tel: +1 670 234 8232

  1. Hertz

Tel: +1 670 234 7141

  1. BW car rental

Tel: +1 670 287 2727


This will be updated once information is confirmed and provided by the host utility Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC).



Entry requirements

Cigarettes, Cigars, Tobacco Allowances (Normal Passenger Allowance)

    • Cigarettes that comply with the Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act shall not exceed 3 Cartons (30 packages of 20 cigarettes per package)
    • Cigarettes that do not comply with the Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act shall not exceed 1 carton (10 packages of 20 cigarettes per package)
    • Cigars not exceeding 1 pound
    • Tobacco not exceeding 1 pound or
    • Any combination of the above but not exceeding 1-pound net weight

Alcoholic Beverages

    • Distilled alcoholic beverages not to exceed 77 ounces or
    • Wine not to exceed 128 ounces or
    • Beer or other malt beverage not to exceed 288 fluid ounces.
    • Any combination of the above provided that it does not exceed the equivalent quantity under distilled alcoholic beverages, wine, and beer or other malt beverages.