Conference Trade Booth Information


This will once again be a major feature of the conference.  This year, the Trade Exhibition will be held at the National Auditorium. The floor plan is available on the PPA website.

A total of 46 booths will be available and will be assigned to the first forty six (46) registrations.

Allied Members who wish to have a booth will be given the opportunity to select their booth, based on this plan and in the order of registration fees received by the PPA Secretariat. Booth selection will be updated on the PPA website regularly.

TRADE EXHIBITION FEES: Trade Exhibition registration must be paid to PPA upon registering your interest for a trade booth to ensure booth availability.  The booth fee is US$500.00 and this covers the booth, table and chair.

SHIPPING ADDRESS IN COOK ISLANDS: All items shipped for the trade exhibition should be addressed to:

Ms. Alana Short

Te Aponga Uira, Rarotonga

Cook Islands

Tel: (682) 20054


SPECIFICATIONS OF TRADE BOOTH: Size – 6’ x 4’ this includes a built-in 2’ table.   Each Booth will also be provided with 2 chairs and a 220V Power Outlet.  The table will also have a drop down cover for storage of equipment under the table.
INTERNET CONNECTION: Internet connection will be made available at the conference venue and at the trade exhibition venue.

ELECTRICITY: Current is 220V – style plugs are used.


Click here for Trade Booth Layout

28th Annual PPA Conference Participating Active Members

No. Active Member
1. American Samoa Power Authority
2. Chuuk Public Utility Corporation
3. Commonwealth Utilities Corporation
4. Electricite de Tahiti
5. Electric Power Corporation
6. Energy Fiji Limited
7. Kosrae Utilities Corporation
8. Marshalls Energy Company
9. Nauru Utilities Corporation
10. Palau Public Utilities Corporation
11. PNG Power Limited
12. Pohnpei Utilities Corporation
13. Public Utilities Board
14. Solomon Power
15. Te Aponga Uira
16. Tonga Power Limited
17. Tuvalu Electricity Corporation

28th Annual PPA Conference Participating Allied Members


No. Allied Member
1. ABB NZ Ltd
2. ABB Turbochargers Australia
3. Aggreko (NZ) Limited
4. Akuo Energy
5. Arthur D. Riley & Co Ltd
6. AR Industrial
7. AVO NZ Ltd
8. Bardot Ocean
9. B&R Enclosures Pty Ltd
10. CBS Power Solutions
11. CCME Marine Engineering – Power Generation
12. Clean Energy Technology
13. ComAp NZ Ltd
14. Cummins South Pacific
15. Datelstream Ltd
16. Delstar NZ Ltd
17. Eastwest Energy Corporation
18. EDMI NZ Ltd
19. EIF International Ltd
20. ElectraTherm
21. Engine Supplies & Services
22. Etel Limited
23. FuelChief Trustee Ltd
24. Generator Rental Services Ltd
25. Gentrack Limited
26. Global Sustainable Energy Solutions
27. Global Turbocharger Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
28. Gough Cat Power Solutions
29. Green Globe Solutions American Samoa Inc.
30. Hatz Diesel
31. Hawthorne Power Systems
32. HNAC Technology Co Ltd
33. Hubbell Power Systems
34. Hydro Tasmania
35. Infratec
36. Institute of Environmental Analytics
37. International Utility Poles
38. Itron Australasia Pty Ltd
39. Japan Electric Power Information Centre
40. Jean Mueller NZ Limited
41. Komaihaltec Inc
42. MAN Energy Solutions
43. Maskell Productions Ltd
44. McMahon Limited
45. Nexans New Zealand Limited
46. NZMT Turbochargers
47. Pacific Bulk Fuel
48. Pacific Power Engineering
49. Petroleum and Gas Co Fiji Pte Ltd
50. PLP NZ Limited
51. Power Protection Industries
52. PowerSmart NZ Ltd
53. S&C Electric Company
54. Selectronic Australia Pty Ltd
55. SMA Australia
57. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratory
58. Sulzer
59. Tekconnec Inc.
60. Tesla
61. Tetra Tech
62. Texas Power & Associates
63. The Energy Network
64. Transdiesel
65. Transnet NZ Ltd
66. Vergnet
67. Wartsila

28th Annual PPA Conference Trade Booth Exhibitors

Booth No. Allied Member
1 PLP Electropar
2 Generator Rental Services
3 Sulzer
5 Nexans New Zealand Limited
6 Delstar NZ Ltd
7 Itron Australasia Pty Ltd
8 Hawthorne Power Systems
9 ABB NZ Ltd
10 Global Sustainable Energy Solutions
11 Jean Mueller
12 Texas Power & Associates
13 The Institute for Environmental Analytics
14 Selectronic Australia Pty Ltd
15 Hubbell Power Systems
16 Schweitzer Engineering Laboratory
17 NZMT Turbochargers
18 Transdiesel
19 Arthur D Riley
20 Petroleum Gas (T/A – Blue Gas)
21 Etel Ltd
22 TAU
23 ElectraTherm
24 Maskell Productions Ltd
25 Transnet NZ Limited
26 ComAp NZ Ltd
27 Fuelchief Trustee Ltd
28 Cummins South Pacific
29 AR Industrial
30 EIF International Ltd
31 Clean Energy Technologies
32 Global Turbocharger Solutions Australia
33 Datelstream Ltd
34 Gough Cat Power Systems
35 McMahon Limited
36 Bardot Ocean Group
38 AVO NZ Ltd
39 Aggreko (NZ) Ltd
40 Komaihaltec Inc.
41 EDMI NZ Ltd
42 B&R Enclosures
43 Engine Supplies & Services
44 S&C Electricity Company
45 Power Protection Industries
46 Hatz Diesel