ACTIVE MEMBERS UPDATES  – 5 minutes session

  1. Energy Fiji Limited, Fiji – ” Set up of Energy Fiji Limited” presented by Mr. Hasmukh Patel, CEO, Energy Fiji Limited.
  2. Nauru Utilities Corporation, Nauru – ” Nauru Utilities Corporation provides services to the community of Nauru across the entire water and electricity supply chains, in addition to our legislative obligations as the power system controller and water operator” by Mr. Carmine Piantedosi, CEO, Nauru Utilities Corporation.
  3. Tuvalu Electricity Corporation, Tuvalu –  “Tuvalu Ambitious RE Target” by Mr. Mafalu Lotolua, CEO, Tuvalu Electricity Corporation.
  4. Pohnpei Utilities Corporation, Pohnpei – “An Update from Pohnpei Utilities Corporation” by Mr. Nixon Anson. CEO, Pohnpei Utilities Corporation
  5. UNELCO, Vanuatu – ” Efate Island Concession, Vanuatu” by Mr. Marc Perraud, MD, UNELCO
  6. Te Aponga Uira, Cook Islands – (awaiting confirmation)
  7. Palau Public Utilities Corporation, Palau – (awaiting confirmation)
  8. Solomon Power, Solomon Islands – ” Solomon Update 2021″ by Mr Donald Kiriau,CEO, Solomon Power
  9. Yap State Public Service Corporation, Yap – ” YSPSC RE in Yap State: 2021 Update Summary” by Mr. Vincent Bouet, Electrical Engineer, YSPSC
  10. Public Utilities Board, Kiribati – (awaiting confirmation)
  11. Electric Power Corporation, Samoa – “AMI in Samoa – EPC Smart Meter Project 2021 Update” by Mr. Christopher Fruean, Senior Engineer Technical Services, Electrci Power Corporation
  12. Tonga Power Limited, Tonga – “Achieving 50% Renewable Energy” by Mr. Nikolasi Fonua, Acting CEO, Tonga Power Limited
  13. American Power Authority, American Samoa – (awaiting confirmation)

ALLIED MEMBERS UPDATES  – 10 minutes session

  1. MAN Energy Solutions Australia – (awaiting confirmation)
  2. Vergnet Group – “Harnessing Pacific Buildings for Solar Generation across the Pacific Region” by Mr. Theo Dumanchin
  3. Akuo Energy – “Containerized Solar and Storage solutions for the Pacific” by Ms. Marion Duquesnoy
  4. Transnet – “Introducing MV & LV ABC to improve reliability, safety, and the resilience of the Tonga Power distribution network” by Mr. Goran Stojadinovic
  5. ElectraTherm – “ElectraTherm Heat to Power Technology – ORC contribution to Energy Efficiency and Engine Cooling” by Mr. David Knight 
  6. S&C Electric Company – (awaiting confirmation)
  7. Mana Pacific – “The Moana Pledge and the Blue Planet Alliance” by Mr. John Miller
  8. AVO NZ Limited – “Cable fault location equipment – recent innovations + transformer oil testing” by Mr. Lowrens O’Connell 
  9. ComAp Limited – “Hybrids microgrids for agriculture, rural and remote power consumers” by Mr. Chris Pye
  10. Global Sustainable Energy Solutions – “GIZ funded solar training license agreement between GSES/PPA” by Mr. Geoff Stapleton
  11. Sterling & Wilson Private Ltd – “Introduction about Sterling and Wilson along with hybrid and cogen solutions and its benefits” by Mr. Souranka Bhuniya
  12. Infratec – “Project delivery in the age of COVID – example Tonga: Update on project delivery in Tonga, how covid has necessitated a change in approach and learnigs for the industry power” by Mr. Chris Service
  13. NiuPower Ltd – ” Introduction to NiuPower Limited” by Mr. Michael Ian Uiari


  1. AVO NZ Limited – SFX40 Cable Fault Locator 
  2. Hawthorn Power Systems – 
  3. Andritz Hydro – Introduction to Andritz
  4. AVO NZ Limited – Megger ‘Ezi-thump’ range of lightweight, low-cost, simple to use, battery powered cable fault locators
  5. S&C Electric Company – S&C’s New Network Innovation Centre in Melbourne
  6. Lord Power Equipment – Distribution Fault Anticipation (DFA) Technology – Changing the way the Power Industry does Business
  7. NiuPower Limited – Introduction to NiuPower
  8. ElectraTherm – We Are ElectraTherm – Heat to Power –
  9. Mana Pacific – 


  1. Nauru Utilities Corporation, Nauru – “Nauru 6 MW Solar Development Project” by Mr. Carmine Piantedosi, CEO, Nauru Utilities Corporation. 
  2. Palau Public Utilities Corporation, Palau – “Update on Palau Public Utilities Corporation” by Mr. Tmetuchl Baules, Director Administration & Finance, Palau Public Utilities Corporation.
  3.  Tuvalu Electricity Corporation, Tuvalu – “TEC Renewable Energy Development Project” by Mr. Mafalu Lotolua, CEO, Tuvalu Electricity Corporation.
  4. Energy Fiji Limited, Fiji – ” Business continuity with Power Systems amidst COVID-19″ by Mr. Hasmukh Patel, CEO, Energy Fiji Limited.