Tuesday 22 November 2022

  1. Sustainable Energy Industry Association of Pacific Islands (SEIAPI) & Global Sustainable Energy Solutions – ” SEIAPI Capacity Building Achievements and Objectives” presented by Mr. Geoff Stapleton
  2. Camco Energy – ” Transforming Island Development through Electrification and Sustainability” by Mr. Paul Makumbe
  3. ElectraTherm –  “Use of Organic Rankine Cycle Technology for the Generation of Renewable Energy from Primary and Waste Heat Resources” by Mr. David Knight
  4. Energy Fiji Limited – ” Operational Performance & Financial Stability Amidst COVID-19″, presented by Mr. Hasmukh Patel 
  5. University of New South Wales – “Open Source-Data and Tools for Assessing the Renewable Energy Potential of the Pacific Island Countries and Territories” presented by Dr. Iain MacGill 
  6. AVO NZ Ltd – ” Appropriate Cable Fault Location for the Pacific Islands Networks” presented by Mr. Trevor Lord 
  7. S&C Electric Company – ” Island Nation Enhances System Reliability with Smart Devices” presented by Mr. Zunash Ijaz

Thursday 24 November 2022

  1. AVO NZ Ltd – ” Transformer Oil Dielectric Testing – How to Manage Transformers Simply and Cost Effective” presented by Mr. Mark Leach 
  2. University of New South Wales – ” High Penetration Variable Renewable Energy in the Pacific Island Country Utility Grids” presented by Mr. Janendra Prasad 
  3. ITP Renewables – ” Open CEM for PIC: Concept Design for a Capacity Expansion Model for Future Electricity Grids” presented by Dr. Jose Zapata
  4. AVO NZ Ltd – ” 5kV Insulation Testing – A Review of the Basics to Ensure Best Results” presented by Mr. Trevor Lord 
  5. University of New South Wales – ” Scenario-Based Modelling for E-Mobility in the Pacific” presented by Mr. Edoardo Santagata
  6. HDF Energy – ” Hydrogen Fuel of the 21st Century for the Pacific Islands” presented by Mr. Ildo Agnetti 
  7. Energy Fiji Limited – ” Environment Stewardship – Fiji Renewable Energy Plan Support and Sustainability” presented by Mr. Hasmukh Patel 
  8. ITP Renewables – ” Lithium Ion Battery Testing and Performance” presented by Ms. Julia McDonald 
  9. ITP Renewables – ” ROTA Island Feasibility Study” presented by Mr. Nicholas Logan 
  10. Man Energy Solutions – ” Bio Fuels and Other CO2 Reduction Initiatives for Diesel Generators” presented by Mr. Lachlan Colquhuon

CEOs Retreat 

(Presentations will be provided once received and confirmed by presenters)

Engineers/Benchmarking Workshop 

  1. Benchmarking and Managing for Performance 
  2. Benchmarking Financial Indicators 
  3. Benchmarking Customer Perspective Indicators 
  4. Benchmarking Process or Operational Perspective Indicators 
  5. Benchmarking Learning and Growth Perspective Indicators 
  6. Benchmarking Strategic Planning 
  7. Notes and Exercise on SAIFI and SAIDI Indicators

Utility Board Members Workshop 

  1. Utility Board Members Workshop #1 – Agenda Opening 
  2. Utility Board Members Workshop #2 – Sustainable Governance in Utilities Sector 
  3. Utility Board Members Workshop #3 – High VRE Penetration in PICT Utility 
  4. Utility Board Members Workshop #4 – Engaging PWDs in Energy Sector
  5. Utility Board Members Workshop #5 – SDGs NDCs and the Electricity Sector 
  6. Utility Board Members Workshop #6 – Tariffs and DER
  7. Utility Board Members Workshop #7 – Decarbonizing the Pacific 
  8. Utility Board Members Workshop #8 – Office of Pacific Energy Regulators Alliance