Press Release : Jicable’15

Versailles, France, 21 – 25 June, 2015

9th International Conference on Insulated Power Cables

The leading worldwide forum for insulated power cables

Continuously supplying electrical power of high quality level to users in the heart of populated urban areas is one of the challenges for insulated power cables. This equipment of high technology will be in the focus of the discussions  at the 9th international  conference  on insulated power cables Jicable’15,  which will be held in Versailles close to Paris, France, from 21 to 25 June 2015.

What is Jicable’15 ?
Jicable’15  is the  leading  worldwide  forum  held  about  every  four  years  since  1984  which  convene  the worldwide  community  concerned  with  the  research,  the  industrial  development,   the  installation,  the exploitation and the diagnosis of the AC & DC insulated power cables and their accessories. More than 360 communications from 1000 authors affiliated to more than 250 different organizations will be presented and an  exhibition  will  bring  together  the  principal  actors  in  this  field  at  the  same  site.  Celebrating  its  30th anniversary, Jicable’15 promises to be a great conference event.

Why Jicable’15 ?
Insulated  power cables are increasingly  used in electrical  power transmission  and distribution  networks. This is due to the significant progress achieved in the development of new technologies with higher performances  and motivated  by increasing  environmental  pressure.  Cables  are recognised  as the most reliable means for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

Jicable’15  will  allow  in-depth  analysis  of  the  State-of-the-Art  and  future  perspectives  :  new  materials, evolution   in  technologies,   manufacturing   process,   maintenance   policies   and  condition   assessment, upgrading,   refurbishment,   lessons   learnt  from  service,   dielectric   phenomena,   thermal   and  thermo- mechanical    behaviour…new    innovative    technical   solutions   for   high   power   transmission    :   new superconductive  materials  as  well  as  a  closer  look  at  major  long  distance  submarine  cable  projects connecting High Voltage networks in many countries.

Who takes part in Jicable’15 ?
Researchers,   engineers,   decision makers,   raw materials suppliers,   cable   manufacturers,   consultants, installers  and  users  will  exchange  their  views  and  expectations  through  a  wide-ranging  debate  which follows the eight preceding  conferences.  More than 700 participants  from fifty countries  are expected  at Jicable’15.

The full conference programme is available at the website listed below. Registration is now open.

See you at Jicable’15 !


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