December 2020

Type Description (PDFs) Announcement # Issuance Date Due Time & Date
IFB For the Procurement of Distribution Network Materials

Download-IFB-SAMEPC 01/2020 1,952KB    

Tender Addendum No. 1:

Download Tender Addendum No. 1 235KB

Tender Addendum No. 2:

Download-Tender-Addendum-No.2 235KB

Tender Addendum No. 3:

Download-Tender-Addendum-No.3 3MB

Tender Addendum No. 4:

Download-Tender-Addendum-No.4 240KB

Tender Addendum No. 5:

Download-Tender-Addendum-No.5 244KB

SAMEPC 01/2020 23 Dec 2020 25 Jan 2021


Samoa time

IFB Pad Mounted Transformers

Download-IFB-GPA-004-021 1MB

GPA-004-21 23 Dec 2020 01 July 2021


Guam Time

RFT Design & Construct Transformer Foundation Pad, Oil Separator Put, Carry out Electrical and Civil Works at Suva Substation

Download-RFT-EFL-MR273/2020 132KB

Tender Specifications:

Download-Tender-Specifications 1,201KB


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EFL-MR273/2020 21 Dec 2020 13 Jan 2021


Fiji time

RFT Preferred Supplier for the Supply of Instrument Voltage Transformer and Circuit Breaker

Download-RFT-EFL-MR670/2020 124KB

Tender Specifications:

Download-Tender-Specifications 1,222KB

EFL-MR670/2020 14 Dec 2020 6 Jan 2021


Fiji time

IFB Pad Mounted Transformers

Download-IFB-GPA-008-21 981KB

Tender Amendment No.1:

Download-Tender-Amendment No.1 117KB

Tender Amendment No.2:

Download-Tender-Amendment No.2 85KB

GPA-008-21 18 Nov 2020



2 Dec 2020



10 Dec 2020

16 Dec 2020


Guam time

RF A&E SERVIES Engineering Consulting Services for CUC’s Integrated Solar Photovoltaic Energy and Battery Storage Systems

Download-RAES-CUC-21-012 299KB

CUC-RAES-21-012 4 Dec 2020 30 Dec 2020



RFP Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for Power Plant No.1, Lower Base, Saipan

Download-RFP-CUC-21-009 264KB

CUC-RFP-21-009 4 Dec 2020 5 Jan 2021