GSEP Supports Tariff Structure Development in the Pacific Islands

May 14, 2014: The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) together with the Pacific Power Association (PPA) is hosting a technical workshop for the Southern Pacific utilities in the Republic of Fiji from May 12-16, 2014.

Led by GSEP member Kansai Electric Power Co., the workshop focuses on tariff structure development and is being attended by 17 managers and engineers from the member utilities. The workshop was designed to support the Pacific Island countries in the development of tariff structures that would be most useful for their sustainable development and to promote energy savings and the use of renewable energies on the Islands.

For Mr. Andrew Daka, Executive Director of PPA: “The financial sustainability of utilities in the Pacific Islands depends a great deal on having in place an appropriate tariff structure that reflects the needs of the different stakeholders. For the owners, which is more often than not the National Governments, it should encourage economic and social development while ensuring affordability for customers. When setting the tariffs, utilities have to be able to balance these needs with their own to meet improved reliability and increasing electricity demands. This joint PPA-GSEP workshop greatly helps the region’s utilities find the tariff structure best suited to their local needs.”

This workshop is part of a series of human capacity-building programs GSEP has led in the region in partnership with PPA since 2005. With this program, we are helping develop local capacity and knowledge in the different aspects of energy project development and implementation in Small Island Developing States that are the most vulnerable to climate change.