GSEP Launches Call for Sustainable Electricity Projects

April 15, 2015: GSEP is seeking opportunities to take part in a number of sustainable energy projects designed at extending access to electricity, increasing energy efficiency or substituting existing emitting sources with low- or non-emitting ones in developing or emerging countries.

As a group of major utilities, the GSEP is a unique pool of expertise whose strength relies on the long-time experience of its companies’ skilled teams in developing and implementing technically, financially and environmentally sound electricity projects. For this reason, the GSEP is looking for projects where it can potentially contribute by providing in-kind assistance or, under certain circumstances, elect to bring a capital contribution. Nevertheless, the GSEP is not a funding organization and will not act as a commercial lender or a financial investor for the projects.

Recognizing that true sustainability comes from a positive cycle of growth, the GSEP will privilege projects that, among other things:

  • Have the potential to achieve self-sufficiency;
  • Focus on long-term sustainable development, have maximum social, environmental and economic effects, and make a difference in people’s lives;
  • Involve a respected and recognized local partner as well as a development institution or an international organization;
  • Where applicants bring equity financing or equivalent for a minimum of 30% of the total project cost;
  • Projects costs range between US$ 0.5 and 3.0 million.

To be selected, projects must match the organization’s set of criteria and be consistent with GSEP’s mission.

Instructions and deadline for application

All applications must be submitted to the GSEP General Secretariat by May 22, 2015, at 5:00 pm (EDT) in Montreal, Canada.

Only one project per applicant will be considered.

To apply, please click here.