PPA’s Strategic Goals and Objectives

Strategic Goal 1 | Using Petroleum Fuel More Efficiently and Reduce Utility Petroleum Consumption


  • Improve efficiency of electricity production & supply by utilities by

Facilitate utility supply-side energy efficiency improvements to reduce the amount of utility resources needed for electricity delivery to end users

  • Increase the efficiency of electricity use by utility customers

Facilitate utility demand-side energy efficiency improvements

  • Increase the use of renewable energy

Lead the Pacific Islands region in implementing renewable energy for electricity production

  • Reduce petroleum cost to utilities

Facilitate efforts for utilities to improve terms of petroleum supply and to develop an integrated approach to reduce petroleum use through supply side efficiency, renewable energy and demand side efficiency investments

Strategic Goal 2 | Building Capacity to Improve Electricity Supply & Quality


  • Capacity building of utilities

Facilitate and provide regular, high quality training for utility personnel and assist utilities locate additional staff capacity where required to meet strategic goals

  • Capacity building of PPA Secretariat

Increase the capacity of the PPA Secretariat to effectively address utility issues through training and staff expansion as needed to meet strategic goals

Strategic Goal 3 | Provision of Services by PPA Secretariat to Improve Electricity Supply and Quality


  • Improve services to utilities

Facilitate and provide high quality support services to the utilities

  • Improve information systems

Improve and regularly update PPA’s website which will include a power sector database, and information, links and references relevant to PICT utilities

Strategic Goal 4 | Improving the Financial Sustainability of the Utilities and the PPA Secretariat


  • Finance for utilities

Facilitate advice to utilities on financing opportunities and securing finance

needed to attain the strategic goals

  • Support for electricity tariff studies

Facilitate advice to utilities on appropriate tariff levels and structures including regular updates