Solar Operation Maintenance, Battery Storage Systems and SCADA Workshop, 20 – 28 June, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)

Figure 1: Workshop Participants

The PPA held a 7 day training workshop on Solar Operation & Maintenance, Battery Storage and SCADA was held in Kolonia, Pohnpei, FSM, from 20 to 28 June, 2018, hosted by PUC. The workshop is the first arising from the Training Needs Analysis conducted in 2017 with funding from the Sustainable Energy Industry Development Project (SEIDP).

The workshop was attended by 20 participants representing 8 utilities from the Northern Pacific; PPUC (Palau), YSPSC Yap State FSM, CUC (Northern Marianas, CPUC (Chuuk State FSM), the host utility PUC (Pohnpei State FSM), KUA (Kosrae State FSM), KAJUR (Marshall Islands) and MEC (Marshall Islands). The workshop was officially opened by the CEO of PUC, Mr. Nixon Anson. Also present at the opening was Mr. Romeo Alfred, CEO of KAJUR, who was also in Pohnpei at that time on business.

Figure 2: Field Visit to Pohnlangas Solar Farm

There were 3 main sections in the workshop program with Days 1 – 4 spent covering PV Operation maintenance, Days 4 – 5 on Battery Storage Systems and Days 6 – 7 on SCADA design. The workshop sessions allowed for practical sessions as well as a site visit to PUC’s 600kW Solar Farm at Pohnlangas.

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