Press Release – Smart Meters Training for the Tuvalu Electricity Corporation (TEC)

The World Bank has provided financial assistance of US$9.1million to the Government of Tuvalu.
The funding assistance is for the project of Energy Sector Development Project (ESDP). The project
consists of 3-components and as follows; (i) Renewable Energy Investment, (ii) Energy Efficiency
Investment; and (iii) Technical Assistance and Project Management.
The Smart Meters falls under Component 2 of the ESDP.
For further queries please contact Mr. Mafalu Lotolua, General Manager of TEC, on email address:; telephone no: (688) 20352/20357
Details of the Project
1) Purpose: Training of TEC Staff on the Installation, Operation and Management of Smart Meters
2) Recipient: Government of Tuvalu through the Tuvalu Electricity Corporation
3) Aim: The activity aims to reduce wastage of energy thus reduce demand and having savings for
customers, reduce outstanding arrears and improve TEC cash flow position.
4) Project Detail:
Smart Meters is a digital electronic meter that you pay upfront and use electricity. Unlike the
current meter each month and issue you with a power bill invoice.
The Meters will be installed to all TEC Customers except some Customers that has been approved by
the Government to exempt them from having these meters because of providing the essential
service to the Public.
The new meter will have the features that the existing meter do not have: (i) you can prepay for
electricity, which helps you budget your income; (ii) able to see daily usage; (iii) prevent doubt from
reading errors; (iv) minimize wastage of energy; (iv) recover outstanding arrears; (v) reduce theft of
electricity; (vi) improve TEC cash flow position; (vii) reduced monthly power bills; and much more.
As with any new technology, smart meters bring new opportunities, but also new challenges
particularly in the early stages of implementation.
The training was conducted for 20-days by Engineers from Holley/EasrWest Pty Ltd from China, and
was successfully completed today, Wednesday 31st May 2023. The training ended with the
installation of the new meter at one of TEC staff to physically demonstrate and tested the operation
of the new meter before rolling it out to all of TEC customers in the month of July 2023.