27th PPA Conference & Trade Exhibition
Koror, Republic of Palau
July 30 – August 3, 2018

The Annual PPA Conference and Trade Exhibition is the premier knowledge-sharing event for staying updated with the latest developments and key issues in the Pacific’s energy sector. Each year around July/August, a diverse mix of electric utility and energy professionals including project developers, equipment suppliers, service providers, regional organizations, government officials and development partners convene at a location in the Pacific to network, discuss issues, exchange knowledge and build business.

In 2018, the PPA delegates will be congregating in Koror, Republic of Palau, from July 30 to August 3 for the annual event.

27th Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition

Theme: “Renewables are our Future”

Pacific Island countries are extensively reliant on fossil fuels for generation of electricity. This heavy reliance and the volatility of the price of fossil fuels contributes substantially to the high electricity tariffs in the region. The high cost of energy is stifling economic growth.

The challenge is for the Utilities together with the support of their National Governments to adopt initiatives which will drive the price of electricity and energy down and make it more affordable.  This will drive economic growth in the Nations and also improve the livelihoods of the people.

A better understanding of each island nation’s renewable energy resources, available technology to harness and store energy, regulatory and investment policies and innovative financing are important to the transition to high renewable energy contribution. Land is an emotive issue in the Pacific and is also a limited resource.

The price per kW of renewable sources of energy has fallen significantly in the last ten years and their capital cost are now comparable with those of generation from fossil fuels, however, the major projects in the region so far have been development partner funded with limited opportunities for private sector investment.

Whilst the Pacific region’s GHG emissions are miniscule, the governments of the PICTs are committed to higher levels of renewable energy integration to increase energy security and fulfil their commitments to the COP23 through the Nationally Determine Contributions (NDCs).

The level of success in the respective countries depends on the commitment of all the stakeholders to meeting the NDCs. Changes in technology, policy and regulations, the investment environment and availability of resources all contribute to the transition and success of renewables.

Renewables are our Future and we need to embrace these sources of energy or be left behind.


Associated Side Events

Utilities of the Future: Ensuring Long Term Sustainability

As part of the Annual Conference and running in parallel to the main event will be thematic side events for supervisory and middle management utility delegates covering technical, financial, human resources and customer services.

A well run utility takes more than plant and equipment. It also needs other functions of the organization working efficiently to deliver on its mandate and operate sustainably.


Members of the PPA and invited guests are welcomed to propose papers for presentations at the 27th Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition. The proposed papers can be based on case studies, projects and other works relevant to the themes

Ø Papers are NOT to be commercial in nature but can explain principles of commercially available technologies.

Ø The official language of the conference and proceedings is English.

Ø It  is  important   that  any  paper  in  PowerPoint   presentation   form  should  also  be accompanied  on  CD  by  an  associated  full  article  on  the  same  topic  suitable  for inclusion in the Pacific Power Magazine. (i.e., with written text or Word format).

Ø In the case of Papers accepted for the conference, the authors or his/her representative will be expected to attend to make the presentation.     Submission of an abstract therefore implies a willingness to attend.     Please check any necessary formalities concerning attendance to the Conference before submitting the abstract.

It is noted in previous conferences that the above conditions have not been fully complied with.  It is a pre-requisite of acceptance that presentations for the Conference strictly conform to these conditions.


Presentation of papers is open only to members of the Pacific Power Association.

If there are insufficient papers from members, then the Secretariat will seek contributions from outside the membership.


The deadline for submission of abstracts is Monday 30 April 2018, at 16:30 Suva time (+12 GMT). Submissions must be short (no more than 200 words) and to the point. Abstracts should not have a lot of general theory and background. Instead, they should highlight innovations, concrete outcomes and achievements, and explain why and how the presentation will provide value to the delegates attending the even

The abstract together with a brief CV/Bio (less  than  100  words)  and  a  passport  size  photo  of  the  author  should  be  emailed  to  the Secretariat.


Authors  will  be  notified  of  acceptance  (or  otherwise)  as  soon  as  the  Abstracts  have  been reviewed by the Secretariat.   This notification will be provided no later than 18 May, 2018. Final Papers must be emailed to the Secretariat by 6 July, 2018.

It is a condition of approval to present that both the power point presentation and the paper in word format is provided to the PPA Secretariat by no later than 20 July, 2018.


Conference or Technical papers will be presented for 20 minutes with an added 10 minutes for questions and answers.

Facilities available at the Conference venue for presentations will include PowerPoint and a multimedia projector.