26th PPA Annual Conference Presentations

To access the presentations please click on the links:

  • Board of Directors’ Meeting
  1. PPA – “Metering on-grid solar” by Dr. Herb Wade
  2. PPA – “Grid stability issues” by Dr. Herb Wade
  3. PPA – “Ownership and finance for utility PV – by Dr. Herb Wade
  4. PPA – “What is a MegaWatt” – by Dr. Herb Wade
  5. PPA – “Private solar metering and payment” by Dr. Herb Wade
  6. PPA – “IPP-PPA considerations” by Dr. Herb Wade
  7. PPA – ” Challenges for Renewable Energy Integration in the Pacific Islands” by Dr. Herb Wade
  8. PPA – “On-grid vs Of-grid solar” by Dr. Herb Wade
  • CEO’s Retreat 
  1. ADB – “PARD Energy Summary” by Anthony Maxwell
  2. ADB – ” Sector Reform” by Michael Trainor
  3. JICA – “Introduction of Hybrid Power Systems in PICS 2017-2022” by Tadayuki Ogawa
  4. WB – “Pacific Energy Resilience for Climate Adaptation-HD-v6-Short” by Dr. Hua Du
  • CEOs’ Conference
  1. Itron Australasia Pty Ltd – Key benefits of implementing DRRI (Demand Response for Renewables Integration) in Pacific Island nations ” by Mr. Paul Nelsen
  2. Hydro Tasmania – “Yap Renewable Energy Development Project ” by Mr. Dean Haley
  3. Balance Utility Solutions – “The Potential Renewable Energy Hybrid Solutions for Islanded Communities; A Case Study of the Coconut Life (C4LIFE) Project in Chuuk State”  by Mr. Rod Hayes
  4. Tonga Power Ltd – “Tonga Power Limited’s Progression under the  theme “Renewables are our future by Mr. Setitaia Chen
  5. Tesla – “Tesla Powerpacks enable cost effective microgrids to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy” by Mr. Shane Bannister
  6. Hydro Tasmania – “Operational Learning and Considerations for Hybrid Energy Systems” by Mr. Ray Massie
  7. Australian Winders – “Ord River generator refurbishment case study abstract” by Mr. Tony O’Brien
  8. Wartsila – “Intelligent Battery Storage Applications in the South Pacific region” by Mr. Wilhem van Butselaar
  9. Komaihaltec – “Non-Tilted type Typhoon resistant model of  300kW wind tubine” by Ms. Leiko Toyoda
  10. ElectraTherm – “Waste Heat to Power – The Baseload Renewable you already have”  by Mr. Robert Emrich
  11. ElectraTherm – “Steps for a Successful Implementation of an ORC Project for Diesel Generators” by Mr. David Knight
  12. ComAp Ltd – “The Energy Mix for Micro-Grids – Diesel Power and Renewables by Mr. Chritopher Pye
  13. Vergnet SA – ” Experience on Renewable Energy Integration in Islands and remote locations worldwide” by Mr. Istvan Ponsot
  14. Canadian Solar – ” Global Utility Trends in Hybrid Solar PV + Energy Storage” by Mr. Chet Lyons
  • Engineers’ Workshop
  1. EPC – “Benchmarking Review” by Mr. Jovesa Ah Kuoi
  2. PPA – “Understanding Benchmarking Process” by Mr. Krishnan Nair
  3. TPL – “Tonga Power Limited Operations” by Mr. Setitaia Chen
  4. EFL – “Incorporating our Targets & Operations into the Performance Management System” by Mr. Karunesh Rao
  5. PPA – “Gender Network” by Ms. Edna Noga, Ms. Teiiti Nia & Mr. Mau Sumanu
  6. PPA – “Benchmarking Workshop cap of Day 1 Workshop” – by Mr. Krishnan Nair
  7. PPA – “Performance Improvement Plans” by Mr. Krishnan Nair
  8. PPL – “Dealing with power system stability issues with low load and low inertia systems” by Mr. Wayne Baloiloi
  9. TPL – “Tonga Renewable Energy Road Map” by Mr. Setitaia Chen
  10. USP – “REN21 Report” by Dr. Atul Raturi
  11. USP – “SEIDP Progress” by Wairarapa Young
  • PRIF Session
  1. PRIF – “Exploring Private Sector Opportunities in the Pacific Energy Markets” by Dr. Mike Allen