Name of Publication Date of publication Download Link
Benchmarking Report June 2015 Download
Benchmarking Report Manual July 2012 Download
Benchmarking Report July 2012 Download
Benchmarking Report Manual July 2002 Download
Benchmarking Report October 2002 Download
Benchmarking Report December 2011 Download
Energy Efficiency Report for the North Utilities December 2010 Download
ASPA HandbookASPA Report April 2012 Download ASPA HandbookDownload ASPA Report
CPUC HandbookCPUC Report October 2010 Download CPUC HandbookDownload CPUC Report
CUC HandbookCUC Report November 2010 Download CUC HandbookDownload CUC Report
GPA HandbookGPA Report October 2010 Download GPA HandbookDownload GPA Report
KAJUR HandbookKAJUR Report December 2010 Download KAJUR HandbookDownload KAJUR Report
KUA HandbookKUA Report October 2010 Download KUA HandbookDownload KUA Report
MEC HandbookMEC Report December 2010 Download MEC HandbookDownload MEC Report
PPUC HandbookPPUC Report November 2010 Download PPUC HandbookDownload PPUC Report
PUC HandbookPUC Report December 2010 Download PUC HandbookDownload PUC Report
YSPSC HandbookYSPSC Report November 2010 Download YSPSC HandbookDownload YSPSC Report
Energy Efficiency Report for the South Utilities May 2012 Download
EPC Report May 2012 Download EPC Report
FEA HandbookFEA Report May 2012 Download FEA HandbookDownload FEA Report
NPC HandbookNPC Report August 2012 Download NPC HandbookDownload NPC Report
NUC HandbookNUC Report September 2011 Download NUC HandbookDownload NUC Report
PPL Report May 2012 Download PPL Report
PUB HandbookPUB Report May 2012 Download PUB HandbookDownload PUB Report
SIEA Report May 2012 Download SIEA Report
TAU HandbookTAU Report October 2011 Download TAU HandbookDownload TAU Report
TEC HandbookTEC Report October 2011 Download TEC HandbookDownload TEC Report
TPL HandbookTPL Report May 2012 Download TPL HandbookDownload TPL Report
PPA Strategic Plan June 2011 Download